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In just the past few years, hosts of new technologies and products have been developed to make the pool owning experience more exciting and easier than ever before. Whether your pool is truly showing its age, or your needs and tastes have simply changed over the years, renovation can make your existing pool fun, functional, and eye-catching.

The ideal time to perform upgrades to enhance the appearance and function of your pool is when it's drained for routine maintenance such as surface refinishing or liner replacement. Additional work can easily be performed at the same time, allowing your pool to be refilled and returned to service with a minimum of downtime.

Often, pool owners who decide to renovate to improve the appearance of their pool aren't aware of the many performance and convenience enhancing improvements that can be installed at the same to maximize their pool enjoyment for years to come. This guide has been developed to familiarize you with the many options available for transforming an aging, ho-hum pool into a modern and inviting backyard oasis for family and friends.


Pool building materials and finishing techniques have come a long way in the past 25 years. Today, prospective pool owners can choose from an almost unlimited variety of attractive deck and coping materials, interior finish options, and high performance pool equipment and accessories. These same advancements are available to owners of older pools as well, allowing you to create a truly modern aquatic environment that rekindles the joy and excitement of pool ownership.

Pool renovations can range from minor cosmetic repairs to complete structural and mechanical system upgrades.

The following sections provide brief descriptions of the many different pool renovation options available to you. Your pool professional will be happy to help you determine which combination of options best meet your needs, your tastes, and your budget.

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