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What We Do and Why when installing a New Above-Ground Pool

Sunshine Pool Company promises to do more for your pool than any other pool company! Below is a list of the work we do and why it is important to you and your pool. You can feel confident that every pool we install will be properly installed and that when we leave your yard your pool will be ready to swim in.

  • We use a professional excavator who will use his experience and care when working in your yard.
  • We will dispose of all the packaging and boxes at no additional charge.
  • We will make sure your pool is level by using a laser transit. A level pool ensures the integrity or your new pool and contributes to a long pool life.
  • We will install a full patio block under each upright. Using a full block provides a solid, level base for your pool and provides extra support for the bottom track where the wall sits. Most companies use only half of a block, and this can create future problems.
  • We buildup and pack the ground under the bottom track so your pool does not buckle and collapse.
  • We hand pack and trowel the bottom of your pool providing a nice even surface for your liner.
  • We will chemically treat the bottom of your pool for insects to help prevent such bugs as termites from eating holes in your new liner.
  • We will fill your pool with water from a water delivery company so we can coordinate and monitor the filling of your pool to ensure no problems arise during this process.
  • We will chemically treat your pool water as it is filling to prevent minerals in the water from staining your new liner.
  • We will properly install your skimmer and wall return to prevent leaks.
  • We fully assemble and install you're A-Frame Ladder so you can safely enter and exit your pool.
  • We install your new pump and filter system on a level base of concrete blocks. The concrete blocks provide a solid base for your new equipment.
  • We will assemble your pump and filter with you in mind. We will design the setup of your system to be as easy as possible for you to operate.
  • We will properly connect all fittings and hoses to prevent you from having to spend time working on your pool.
  • We use all inground plumbing components for long lasting performance.
  • We will start up your pool and ensure there are no leaks or drips in your filter system and that all equipment is running efficiently.
  • We will shock treat, stabilize and chemically balance your new water so it is clean and ready for your swimming enjoyment.
  • Finally, we clean your pool area and property so that when we are finished you can enjoy your new pool with your family.
  • We will provide pool school for you at your pool so you can learn how to properly operate your new pool from a professional.
  • We have a dedicated Licensed Electrician wire all of our pools the way it should be done.

We do the work nobody else is willing to do, and it will show in your back yard.

Additional Options for your New Above-Ground Pool

  • Warm up your pool and extend your pool season by 2-3 months, with a pool heater.
  • Sit in your pool, on your walk in wedding cake steps.
  • Provide a nice look with a resin fence.
  • Add 10 degrees to your water and hold the heat in on cold nights with a solar blanket.
  • Clean your pool with an automatic vacuum while you take a nap in the sun (included in our Deluxe Package).
  • Give your pool some added security with a self-latching ladder enclosure.
  • Enjoy the ambiance of your pool at night with an underwater pool light.
  • Turn your pool filter system on and off each day with an automatic time clock.
  • Surround your pool with a splash area of natural stones.
  • Relax knowing your pool is being professionally opened and closed every year.
  • Protect your investment by extending our unmatched warranty for a 2nd and 3rd year.

Ask any of our knowledgeable staff about any of the options listed above.
We look forward to you enjoying your new pool.

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